This service is specifically aimed at individual people who live within the Fenland, Huntingdonshire and East Cambs. areas and have no other means of transport. This service is based on your needs and can be used to take you to appointments, on holiday, or anywhere you need to go that you cannot get to by using our Dial-A-Ride service. You must be a member of FACT to use this service.

Our cars are specially adapted to accommodate one wheelchair user and up to three passengers and have been designed to ensure every passenger feels safe, secure and enjoys their journey in comfort.

We are a membership organisation, therefore you will be required to register with us before you can benefit from our services.

Unlike our Dial-A-Ride service you are unable to use your bus pass on the Dial-A-Car service. Our charges are currently based on a mileage rate and have been set with affordability/flexibility in mind.

This is a pre-bookable service and we ask that you book in advance, (we are unable to take same day booking). We are able to provide journeys at weekends but ask for as much notice as possible as we can not guarantee driver availability. To book, simply telephone us on 01354 661234, email info@cotransport.org or write to us in advance.
> Your membership number
> Date and time required
> Pick up point/destination
> Special requirements/instructions (using a wheelchair, have an appointment, taking a carer etc)

 To become a Dial-A-Car member please refer to the registration process.
(We try out best to provide a car for your bookings, but sometime we are unable to, if this is the case we will send a minibus. If we send a minibus for your booking, you will still be charged the Dial-A-Car rates). Please contact us to obtain a quote for your requirements.