Take a look at our new day trips and lunch outings for 2023 These are available to all of our individual members you can even take a friend You cannot use your bus pass for these trips, the return fare is listed per person. Day Trip routes will start from 08:30 unless stated and the return time will be arranged on the day between driver and passengers. Lunch trips usually start from 11:00am depending on the capacity and areas people live in. If you wish to book: Call the office before the booking deadline to reserve your seat. You can pay over the telephone by card or send a cheque into the office or pay via cash. Please let us know if you will be taking a trolley/frame/scooter with you. Payment will not be accepted on the day of trip. You will be contacted the day before the trip to confirm the approximate pick up time. These trips are booked on first come first served system, you are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.     


Brotherhood, Peterborough
Tuesday 10th January DAY £12-50 Tuesday 3rd January
The Hartford Mill, Huntingdon Wednesday 18th January LUNCH £10-00 Wednesday 4th January
Ely, Market Day
Thursday 26th January DAY £12-50 Thursday 19th January
Wisbech St Mary, Community Centre Wednesday 1st February LUNCH £10-00 Wednesday 18th January
Kings Lynn, Market Day Tuesday 7th February DAY £15-00 Tuesday 31st January
The Ferry Boat, St Ives Thursday 16th February LUNCH £10-00 Thursday 2nd February
St Ives, Market Day Monday 27th February DAY £10-00 Monday 20th February
Bury St Edmunds, Market Day Wednesday 8th March DAY £16-00 Wednesday 1st March
The Windmill, Somersham Thursday 16th March LUNCH £10-00 Thursday 2nd March
Skylark Garden Centre, Wimblington Monday 20th March DAY £10-00 Monday 13th March
Twenty Pence Garden Centre, Wilburton Tuesday 28th March LUNCH £10-00 Tuesday 14th March
Dobbies Garden Centre, Huntingdon Monday 3rd April DAY £10-00 Monday 27th March
Stamford, Market Day Friday 14th April DAY £12-50 Friday 7th April
The Seven Stars, March Friday 19th April LUNCH £7-50 Wednesday 5th April
The Mulberry Tree, Hampton Thursday 27th April LUNCH £10-00 Thursday 13th April
Downtown Superstore, Grantham Friday 5th May DAY £20-00 Friday 28th April
The Hartford Mill, Huntingdon Tuesday 9th May LUNCH £10-00 Tuesday 25th April
Ely, Market Day Thursday 18th May DAY £12-50 Thursday 11th May
St Ives, Market Day Monday 22nd May DAY £10-00 Monday 15th May
Wisbech St Mary Community Centre Wednesday 31st May LUNCH £10-00 Wednesday 17th May
Hunstanton Thursday 8th June DAY £20-00 Thursday 1st June
The Seven Stars, March Tuesday 13th June LUNCH £7-50 Tuesday 30th May
Springfields, Spalding Wednesday 21st June DAY £12-50 Wednesday 14th June
The Ferry Boat, St Ives Monday 26th June LUNCH £10-00 Monday 12th June
Hunstanton Tuesday 4th July DAY £22-50 Tuesday 27th June
Twenty Pence Garden Centre, Wilburton Monday 10th July LUNCH £11-00 Monday 26th June
The Windmill, Somersham Wednesday 19th July LUNCH £11-00 Wednesday 5th July
Stamford, Market Day Friday 28th July DAY £13-50 Friday 21st July
Brotherhood, Peterborough Wednesday 2nd August DAY £13-50 Wednesday 26th July
Springfields, Spalding Tuesday 8th August DAY £15-00 Tuesday 1st August
Hunstanton Thursday 17th August DAY £22-50 Thursday 10th August
The Mulberry Tree, Hampton Monday 21st August LUNCH £11-00 Monday 7th August
Kings Lynn, Market Day Tuesday 29th August DAY £16-50 Tuesday 22nd August
Bury St Edmunds, Market Day Wednesday 6th September DAY £18-50 Wednesday 30th August
Hunstanton Tuesday 12th September DAY £22-50 Tuesday 5th September
The Ferry Boat, St Ives Wednesday 20th September LUNCH £11-00 Wednesday 6th September
Springfields Shopping Centre Friday 29th September DAY £15-00 Friday 22nd September
Dobbies Garden Centre, Huntingdon Wednesday 4th October DAY £11-50 Wednesday 27th September
The Hartford Mill, Huntingdon Thursday 12th October LUNCH £11-00 Thursday 28th September
Springfields, Spalding Monday 16th October DAY £15-00 Monday 9th October
Wisbech St Mary Community Centre Friday 27th October LUNCH £11-00 Friday 13th October
Baytree Garden Centre, Spalding Tuesday 31st October DAY £15-00 Tuesday 24th October
St Ives, Market Day Monday 6th November DAY £11-50 Monday 30th November
The Hartford Mill, Huntingdon Wednesday 15th November LUNCH £11-00 Wednesday 1st November
Dobbies Garden Centre, Peterborough Tuesday 21st November DAY £11-50 Tuesday 14th November
Baytree Garden Centre, Spalding Thursday 30th November DAY £15-00 Thursday 23rd November
Stamford, Market Day Friday 1st December DAY £13-50 Friday 24th November
Ely, Market Day Thursday 7th December DAY £13-50 Thursday 30th November
Baytree Garden Centre, Spalding Monday 11th December DAY £15-00 Monday 4th December
Springfields, Spalding Wednesday 20th December DAY £15-00 Wednesday 13th December

Terms & Conditions

By sending in payment, you agree to the following
• A carer/friend/child is able to travel with you, they will need to pay the full fare as well. Please inform us when booking.
• The service is subject to change dependent on demand. If we do need to cancel due to low numbers, we will issue a refund.
• If you have not informed us that you are taking a trolley/wheelchair/scooter, we have the right to refuse these on the vehicle due to vehicle capacity/layout/safety.
• Times we give are only an approximate guide, drivers will wait a maximum of 2 minutes before moving on. We are unable to give you a time of arrival at destination as this depends on collections and traffic.
• If you wish to be seated with a friend, please make us aware and we will try to keep you together. These trips normally have more than one vehicle and we cannot guarantee you on the same vehi-cle as your friend unless requested.
• Be aware we collect passengers from a wide area so you need to allow for time spent on the minibus, where possible we will try and accommodate a comfort break.
• If you cancel, payments are not refundable and not transferable to another person/outing.
• Details and dates are correct at time of setting up, we cannot be held responsible for any changes due to circumstances beyond our control.
• Any complaints with the venue are to be made direct to the venue and not to us.
• Lunch outings– the fare is for transport to the venue only and does not include your meal